Friday, December 23, 2011

The Beatles and The Stones: the difference

The Beatles were a rock'n'roll band - they came from a different world - Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, leather, brylcreem, winkle pickers, playing for thugs with flickknifes, touring at the bottom of the bill for Larry Parnes's second division acts, booze and speed and fighting, you know... the whole Northern bit.  

The Stones were an r'n'b band - London - Art school, Chelsea bohemia, posh birds with long hair, pot, CND, all that...

The former fascinates and horrifies me, the latter is where I live, but I've never had any trouble at all in loving them both. The trouble is The Stones didn't have the good grace to quit while they were ahead. If they'd only called it a day after "Exiles"...

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